Meshutaf Tel Aviv strives to create a community of alumni in which each individual is secure in their own Jewish-Israeli identity, and feels compelled by a strong sense of social and communal responsibility

Meshutaf Tel Aviv: Inclusive Jewish Pluralistic Education

In Israel today, there are currently more than two dozen pluralistic elementary and secondary schools, each with diverse student populations coming from religious, traditional, mixed and secular backgrounds. This is in contrast to the “status quo” arrangement set at the time of the establishment of the state, which separated religious and secular students into different educational frameworks. In the last decades of the 20th century, educators, parents and social activists alike came to believe that this separation of school-age children had detrimental effects on Israeli society as a whole. As a result, a movement set out to establish “meshulav” or mixed schools where children coming with diverse Jewish identities, traditions and various levels of religious engagement could learn together in one classroom.

Meshutaf Tel Aviv is the first pluralistic school in Tel Aviv. Our children are encouraged to develop a shared dialogue, to be inspired by multiple viewpoints, and taught to respect worldviews and lifestyles different than their own. Meshutaf Tel Aviv is not affiliated with any specific stream of Judaism, and supports adherence to a halachic lifestyle for those who wish to do so, yet does not privilege one lifestyle over another. 

Why choose Meshutaf

  • Pluralistic Jewish studies: supplementary study hours for Jewish subjects, in addition to the state mandated core curriculum. Meshutaf Tel Aviv receives pedagogical support through Meitarim
  • Pedagogical staff: The kindergarten and school teachers are chosen for their excellence as educators and their identification with the values of pluralistic education. Each staff member receives on-going training and participates in professional development programs to enhance and broaden their skill base.
  • Community: Meshutaf Tel Aviv is a thriving community that reflects the heterogeneous character of Israeli society and includes veteran Israelis, recent immigrants, secular, traditional, mixed and religious families. Community life is centered around the school, and is enriched by organized cultural and educational activities, holiday celebrations, beit midrash-style study evenings, and many other activities for children and their families. 


The registration period for the school year – kindergarten and school classes – will take place during January-February.


Registration will be available for the following classes:
•    Gan Trom Chova (Junior Kindergarten)
•    Gan Chova (Senior Kindergarten)
•    Grade 1-6 (Kita Alef – Vav)


Meshutaf Tel Aviv is a regional-wide program, and is open to any child living within the municipality of Tel Aviv. 

Registration Process:

Before registration, we strongly encourage everyone to review our guiding principles (in Hebrew) and/or to speak with a parent representative. (The best way to contact us is by email: If you would prefer to speak with an English or French speaker, please let us know.

We also recommend that you review the registration form to better understand the registration process. The form can be downloaded here (in Hebrew). Its completion is required for registration. Once you have decided to join Meshutaf Tel Aviv, here’s what you need to do to register:

1. Go to the registration section of the municipality’s website (In Hebrew) and follow the prompts.
2. Choose “Meshutaf Tel Aviv”  (משותף תל אביב) as the school that you are registering for.
3. Complete and submit the registration form on the municipality’s website. 
4. Attend one of our information evenings (details and dates can be found here).


Please note: space in Meshutaf Tel Aviv is limited. Completion of the registration process does not guarantee that a child will be placed in the program. 

In the spring, a placement committee will convene at the municipality to determine the classes for next year. 
The process works as follows: 

1. Grade 1 (Kita Alef): children who attended gan chova (senior kindergarten) and the siblings of children already attending Meshutaf Tel Aviv, will be accepted first.

Gan Chova/Trom Chova (Kindergarten): siblings of children already attending Meshutaf Tel Aviv will be accepted first. 

2. A “lottery” will be held to fill any remaining spaces. The lottery is conducted in a way that will maintain, as much

as possible, the religious/secular/masorti/mixed-family balance in the class. 

The committee relies on the information provided by parents on their registration form. 

This form does not “filter” applicants, it is instead used as a tool by the committee to ascertain a family’s Jewish identity, as they themselves have defined it. 

If, for example, there are three more spaces in a particular class and there are currently more secular and mixed/masorti families than religious families in that class, then there will be a priority to fill those remaining spaces with children coming from families that identify as religious.